Parent view

Parent view and testimonials


Early Years


'I am very happy for everything and appreciate all the support especially the teachers who take their time to teach my daughter. Thank you very much to the school, teachers and Headteacher I really appreciate your support.' (Child in Nursery)

'I can't thank the school enough for how amazing it is. My family have been part of St Aidan's for years and we are very thankful for the opportunities all the children have had. My daughter comes home every day full of excitement about her learning and I love keeping up to date on the Tapestry app.' (Child in Nursery)

'During the lockdown period it was unprecedented times for all the children but the school made our son feel safe and happy. He makes good progress and the school communicate really well with us about how well he is doing.' (Child in Reception)



Key Stage 1

'It has been a huge strength to see the school have the ability to make changes and improvements. Over the past 2 years there have been tremendous improvments for the better. I am so happy to have my children come to the school they are happy and thriving.' (Child in Yr 2)

'I would like to congratulate Mrs Campling and the teachers and how much the school has improved so much. The changes and improvements have been amazing and have brought back the loving, caring family atmosphere. It is great to hear the pupils talk enthusiastically about school and how happy they are.' (Children in Yr 2, 4 & 6)

'St Aidan's has been fabulous for our daughter as it is her first school overseas. We are truly inspired by the wonderful efforts of the teachers.' (Child in Yr 2)

'Dear teachers, know that your commitment never went unoticed by us and for the dedication, love and care you had for our son we will always be eternally grateful, God bless.' (Past pupil)



Key Stage 2

'Despite the pandemic our son loves coming to school and we are pleased with his progress. We are delighted with the offer of clubs and extra opportunites again that is so important. Thank you for the parent workshop that was so useful. (Child in Yr 4)

'I really appreciate my sons hardwork during his learning and i want to pay my gratitude to the school for teaching him the right attitude, I know under your guidance he will excel.' (Child in Yr 5)

'Thank you to the whole team for how you engaged with my child during lockdown and online learning. This gave him a boost and the way you motivate the children really is remarkable.' (Child in Yr 5)

'The school has good discipline and values throughout which a great sense of community and belonging. Thank you for how well you communicate with us for what is going on.' (Child in Yr 4)