Our Vision


To provide all pupils with a high-quality music education which engages and inspires children to develop a life-long love and appreciation of music including music from different times and cultures. Through music education, we aim to increase self-confidence, creativity and imagination, and provide opportunities for self-expression, self-growth and personal achievement.

The measure of success will be our pupils gaining opportunities to use their voices expressively and creatively throughout the school. Pupils having opportunities to perform in small and large groups, within school and out of school. Providing opportunities for musicians to visit school and for classes to go to music events. Pupils will have opportunities to learn and explore musical instruments at school. Pupils using music to help them to learn concepts, vocabulary and make cross curricular links with other subjects. Pupils independently using music to improve their mood and as a way to express their creativity.

This means:

Communication, creativity and co-operation are valued by studying music in schools and pupils have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective.


  • Valuing all pupils and staff as individuals, celebrating diversity and promoting equality, living our lives according to our Mission Statement.
  • Enabling every child to succeed as an independent, enthusiastic and confident learner.
  • Preparing pupils for the advancing multicultural, globalised world that we live in. 
  • Developing a dedicated, skilled staff; working with commitment to a common purpose- a high quality education for all pupils.
  • Ensuring lessons and learning experiences are of the highest quality for every pupil and assessment is used to make learning and teaching highly effective and help everyone understand how to improve.
  • Establishing strong relationships with those who can support our music curriculum within our parent and wider community.


St Aidan's are excited to be working with Rock Steady Music school offering our pupils the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and play together in a band.

The pupils can choose from keyboard, drums, electric guitar and voice for weekly lessons with a Rock Steady music coach.

This experience not only develops their skills but offers the opportunities to show case and perfom to the school community and support confidence and self-esteem.

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