Our Vision


At St Aidan's Catholic Primary Academy our vision is to foster a love of languages through engaging, interactive lessons. Our aim is to help children understand and respond to the spoken and written language and to speak with increasing confidence, fluency and accurate pronunciation. In addition to this our aim is that they will be able to write at varying length and understand basic grammar. Our teaching will equip them for future language study in key stage three.

Our aims: The measure of success will be our pupils developing as lifelong learners and confident, responsible individuals who contribute positively to society. We will strive for excellence in all aspects of our work.

This means: Valuing all pupils and staff as individuals, celebrating diversity and promoting equality, living our lives according to our Mission Statement.


  • Enabling every child to succeed as an independent, enthusiastic and confident learner.
  • Building an inspirational, inclusive, learning environment, raising attainment and progress for all pupils and realising potential. Preparing them for the advancing technological world we live in. 
  • Developing a dedicated, skilled staff; working with commitment to a common purpose- a high quality education for all pupils.
  • Ensuring lessons and learning experiences are of the highest quality for every pupil and assessment is used to make learning and teaching highly effective and help everyone understand how to improve.
  • Establishing strong relationships with parents and the wider community with effective communication.


Key Documents 


Spanish KS2 curriculum overview

Spanish KS1 curriculum overview


'We have learnt our school mission statement in Spanish' Year 3 pupil

'I love Spanish club it is such fun!' Year 2 pupil