Our vision

At St Aidan’s Catholic Academy, we believe all young people should have the opportunity to live healthy and active lives. A positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age can build a lifetime habit of participation and is central to meeting the government’s ambitions for a world-class education system. Physical activity has numerous benefits for children and young people’s physical health, as well as their mental wellbeing (increasing selfesteem and emotional wellbeing and lowering anxiety and depression).

Children who are physically active are happier, more resilient and more trusting of their peers. Ensuring that pupils have access to sufficient daily activity can also have wider benefits for pupils and schools, improving behaviour as well as enhancing academic achievement. Our aims: To create a safe competitive environment where children feel comfortable to push and challenge themselves working as part of a team and with their personal performance. To boost children’s enthusiasm towards being fit and healthy as well as keeping a positive mind set with their mental health.

We encourage all children to take part in sports activity and compete against other schools in the pursuit for personal development.

This means:


  • Listening to staff and peers when modelling different skills to apply in sports.
  • Taking our mission statement into consideration when we meet others to compete and strive to excel as part of a team and individually.
  • Developing the knowledge of staff so that we can push each other further and progress our personal development in sport.
  • Delivering how quality, effective lessons that gage pupils and push them to grow.
  • Establishing strong relationships with the wider community to expand the wealth of the children’s learning.
  • To encourage a healthy mentality that leans children and staff towards a good vitality and well-being.




By the end of the YR 6 all children are required to:


  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
  • Perform a safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.
  • Use a range of strokes effectively.

This is achievable as we start to attend swimming sessions in KS 2. Children will have a weekly session for two terms spread throughout the year. We aim to have all children achieve 25 metres by the end of year 5 to allow them to focus on other areas of their learning in their final year. Children who have not achieved 25 metres by year 6 are given the opportunity to develop further and achieve this goal in their final year. 


Sports games mark




Children are given the opportunity to lead sports activities in line with the criteria to achieve the games mark. Children also build on their communication and teamwork skills in order to excel and advance in different areas of PE.

We take part in the Monday mile and we also deliver fitness Fridays to encourage children further to be healthy and stay active. We take part in the schools Games Mark and this year we will be aiming for Silver.


Key Documents

PE Curriculum Map